Injured Yankees

Here's a look at the 12 Yankees put on the disabled list since the start of spring training.

Injured Yankees

Yankees on the disabled list

The injuries have piled up for the Yankees in 2013, with almost every major star -- and a few role players -- spending time on the disabled list.

The injuries have spanned the upper and lower body, front and back, left and right. Almost nowhere -- and no one -- has been immune to getting hurt in 2013.

Click on a player's photo on the left to learn more about his injury, how the Yankees have done in his absence and how much money each stint on the DL has cost the team.

(Salary is calculated for position players and relievers by dividing their full 2013 salary by 162 games. For starting pitchers, the salary figure is based on a typical 32-start season. Wins and losses in games missed by starters is an estimation based upon the order of the rotation at the time of injury.)

(All stats are through June 3)